Our Vision
Recognizing death as a part of life, we aspire to:
  • Be a dedicated, caring community.
  • Provide access to compassionate, high-quality care at the end of life’s journey.

Our Mission
To provide hospice care to those in their final stages of life through:
  • Programs and services.
  • Support to families.
  • Facility development.

The Wheatland & Area Hospice Society (WAHS) was born from the Cheadle Lions’ desire for a sustainable rural hospice. It became our vision and mission to provide palliative care in our community, support for our families and caregivers, and provide hospice care to dying patients.

In 2015 the WAHS Board was established to support the dream of creating a hospice for Wheatland and surrounding area. Building upon the foundation laid by the Cheadle Lions Club, WAHS grew within the Wheatland community and established partnerships with Alberta Health Service (AHS) and other organizations in the Wheatland area.

Three years later, we are moving closer toward our goals. We continue to build collaborative community partnerships with all levels of providers, and work towards increasing our "capacity to care" for one another. We strive to move death and dying from hospital back into our communities as we explore the many palliative and hospice models and options available to us. Thank you so much for your support and patience as our society travels this very worthwhile journey.