What is a Caregiver?

Make a difference
Do you help support or take care of a…
  •  Family member?
  •  Spouse?
  •  Parent?
  •  Neighbor?
  •  Friend?

It is an incredible honour to help take care of someone as they travel on their end of life journey. This is one of the most intimate times of their life, and you are walking with them.

There is support for you!

Please recognize the importance of balancing your own wellbeing with the challenges of being a caregiver.

Wheatland & Area Hospice Society Outreach Programs

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An organization formed to help you along your journey, as you focus on taking care of others.
Kathy Bach Paterson –
Tips and Tricks for the Caregiver

Kathy Bach Paterson is a Registered Nurse who works for Hospice Calgary and speaks about ways that caregivers can look after their own health and well-being.

Is more help needed?

The simple act of caring is heroic
Grocery shopping?
House cleaning and maintenance?
Personal care?
Medical appointments?
Checking in by phone or in person?

Local Resources:   
  • Care4U, Brenda Sproule 403-809-8811
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Alzheimer online resources and support forum.
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Information, support and resources for caregivers.

Are you grieving?

All that we love deeply becomes a part of us
Loss is one of life’s most stressful events.  It takes time to heal and everyone responds differently.  Grief is part of being human, but that does not mean you have to go through the journey alone.

Below are a few programs in our community and Calgary that provide grief support and counselling, but please take the time to research which program may be right for you.
  • Edu-therapy: (Wheatland Funeral Home)
    202 Lakeside Boulevard, Strathmore
    Edu-therapy Grief Resolution is an easy to use model that reduces intense uncomfortable emotional responses to loss, trauma, and abuse.
  • Alberta Health Services Grief Support Program
    1820 Richmond Rd. S.W. Calgary
    (Old Children’s Hospital)
    Offers individual, family, and group therapy services.
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